What To Expect On Your Driving Test

Show me tell me - Practical Driving Test

What To Expect On The Driving Test

It will be a great benefit if you know what to expect on the driving test. There are a lot of myths surrounding the test, so it is best to get it straight in your mind as to what will happen.

Uncertainty leads to fear which will lead to nerves on the day. Being nervous is not unusual, not being nervous about the test would be strange. The key is to balancing the nerves and keeping them under control.

Your driving instructor will have gone through all of the maneuvers that you could be tested on so you should have a good grasp of what could happen. Our app is a handy reference aid to help you remember various techniques that you have been taught, and acts as a great aide memoir.

Here's the official DVSA video outlining what you can expect could happen on your driving test.

The driving test is there to make sure that you can drive safely without being supervised, it is not designed to trip you up, it is designed to ensure you are a competent driver.

As there are various areas that an examiner needs to cover and only a limited amount of time you can never be certain what will come up in the test, apart from the show me, tell me questions.

The show me tell, tell me questions will be asked at some stage during your driving test. and your driving instructor would have prepared you for what to expect. It is important that you know where the controls are in the car that you are taking your test in so as you can react to the questions in a timely, safe and appropriate way.

This is the official video from the DVSA giving an insight into what to expect from the show me questions during the test.

Don't forget to familiarise yourself with the controls of the car that you will be taking the test in as the key to this is not only being able to show the answers to the questions but to do it in a safe manner. If you're fumbling around looking for a certain control whilst driving it may not be considered as safe by the examiner if you are not giving enough attention to your driving whilst doing it.

The tell me questions require you to tell the examiner the answer to their question, you do not need to demonstrate how you would do it.

Just remember that if you are prepared for all parts of the test you will be more confident, this is one part where you know exactly what will be asked. Check out the DVSA website to make sure that you know all of the questions that will be asked and you will know what to expect on the driving test.

What To Expect On The Driving Test - DVSA

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What To Expect On Your Driving Test