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The driving instructor in your pocket, that’s how the app has been described. This app is designed to complement what you’re being taught by your instructor and covers all aspects of a driving course.

It’s an invaluable aid to help you remember what you’ve been taught and also to help you prepare for your next lesson.

The app will also show you the top 10 pitfalls when taking the driving test plus act as a revision aid to help you revise and refresh your memory on what you’ve been taught.

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We have built this website and mobile app with the learner driver in mind, using years of practical driving instruction experience plus the knowledge behind developing a number of driving instruction courses. The app is an aid to help you with your driving lessons and to reinforce what you’re being taught.

It is there for you at all times to help you remember what you did on your last lesson and to give you an idea of what to expect on your next one. In easy to understand sections you’ll find it a valuable aid in your journey through driving lessons and ultimately passing your driving test.

On this site you’ll find examples of the hints and tips and modules that can be found on the mobile app which is available on iPhone and Android. You can find links to the download on this page and throughout the site.

Learning to drive is a major step forward in life

This site and associated app will not teach you to drive, but it will help with the lessons that you will be receiving during the lead up to your driving test. Each lesson is structured and tailored by your individual instructor, but they all follow the basic rules, and that is what we are going to show you.

Everything that you learn from here will act as an introduction to what you’ll be doing with your driving instructor, as well as acting as a refresher for what you have learned along the way. We all need that little extra to help us on our journey.

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