Steering –


The steering wheel enables the car to be positioned with reasonable accurately at all times. When you steer It only moves the front two wheels.


Our roads are anything but straight, we also have a lot of roundabouts and junctions.   It is also necessary to manoeuvre the vehicle whilst reversing into restricted places.

Driving Lessons Steering Control


When you need to use the wheel 80% of driving can be done with the right hand. When you are first learning this is simpler for our brain to deal with.

We need to use two hands to turn 90 degrees or more and whilst reversing. It will also help if we hit potholes or puddles as the wheel can snatch left or right suddenly.

It also helps us to brace ourselves if you need to do an emergency stop although only 5% of accidents cannot be anticipated.  

Driving Lessons Steering Positions


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The driving lessons app is designed to act as a reminder of what you have been covering during your driving lessons, and also be there as a reference once you have passed your driving test.

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What To Expect On Your Driving Test