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We have built this website and mobile app with the learner driver in mind, using years of practical driving instruction experience plus the knowledge behind developing a number of driving instruction courses. The app is an aid to help you with your driving lessons and to reinforce what you're being taught.

It is there for you at all times to help you remember what you did on your last lesson and to give you an idea of what to expect on your next one. In easy to understand sections you'll find it a valuable aid in your journey through driving lessons and ultimately passing your driving test.

On this site you'll find examples of the hints and tips and modules that can be found on the mobile app which is available on iPhone and Android. You can find links to the download on this page and throughout the site.

Learning to drive is a major step forward in life

This site and associated app will not teach you to drive, but it will help with the lessons that you will be receiving during the lead up to your driving test. Each lesson is structured and tailored by your individual instructor, but they all follow the basic rules, and that is what we are going to show you.

Everything that you learn from here will act as an introduction to what you'll be doing with your driving instructor, as well as acting as a refresher for what you have learned along the way. We all need that little extra to help us on our journey.

Are you ready... if you are we can help you on the journey

How do you learn to drive safely - and get the very best from your driving lessons and your driving Instructor. It’s very simple, just follow these basic rules :-

  • Relax and don’t try too hard to learn                                             

  • Allow yourself to make mistakes

  • Don’t be afraid to say ‘I don’t know’

  • Develop your skills step by step

  • Work through the briefings with your instructor

  • Follow the simple on the move instructions

  • Learn gradually and comprehensively

Think of your brain working something like a computer. The hard disk (a storage area) performs the same function as your long term memory and the SDRAM (working area) does the same as your short term or working memory.

If you open too many windows on a computer it slows and could crash. Your brain will react in the same way if you give it too much to do. Similarly, your brain works well if it works through tasks one after another.

Also, your brain sends and receives signals to and from all parts of your body. Imagine these signals passing through an electrical cable that shrinks. Or worse, it closes completely (a mental block) due to nerves or simply trying too hard.

Finally, you’re in the shower and want to wash yourself with a sponge. If you squeeze it tight before holding it under the water it won’t be of much use. Now think of your brain being squeezed tight by anxiety, preventing the blood from circulating and restricting functionality.

When you are learning to drive and when you have passed, your brain controls your hands, feet and eyes! If your brain isn't working properly neither are your hands, feet and eyes.

Driving Lessons App

Download the app which will support you with your driving lessons and reinforce what your driving instructor has been teaching you.

Driving Lessons app

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The driving lessons app is designed to act as a reminder of what you have been covering during your driving lessons, and also be there as a reference once you have passed your driving test.

RELAX - we know that learning to drive can be stressful, but the best way to approach it is by relaxing.

If you need a little help to relax naturally then have a look at this site where you can learn some valuable techniques.

What To Expect On Your Driving Test